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March Madness Shoot


2024 Prospectus

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2024 Entry Form

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2024 Online Entry

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2024 Saturday

2024 Sunday


2023 Results Saturday Metric

2023 Results Sunday WA1440

2022 Results Saturday Metric

2022 Results Sunday Imperial

2019 Results Saturday Metric

2019 Results Sunday Imperial

2018 Results Saturday Metric

2018 Results Sunday Imperial

2017 Results

2016 Results

2015 Results

Halloween Wand Shoot

2021 Results

St Nicholas/Christmas Pudding Shoot


2023 Results

2021 Results

2019 Results

2018 Results

2017 Results

Traditional Two Way Longbow Shoot


2017 Results

2016 Results

Brighton Bowmen have compiled a great selection of shoot's from across the UK which you may wish to enter. Please see the link below:

Brighton Bowmen Tournament Diary